Quickened Spirit Conference


A Conference for Teachers at Alder Bridge School

The Spirit Quickened

It is something of a paradox that life in the information age moves and changes at breakneck speed, while most of us spend an increasing amount of time sitting still. On the face of it, this conference is about addressing the decline of physical movement in education, but this is only a symptom of a much wider issue.

While the technological revolution gives us the impression that we are always much too busy, this activity is happening in our heads or, more often, before our eyes. In most cases we are not doing anything, we are watching things happen. In a world where the condition of consumer-spectator is the default, the question for us as teachers is how to motivate our children; how to develop and activate their will.

In its present form, education largely fails to address this question; too often, even in Waldorf schools, we work with models that are rooted in the past, or in theory, and while the need for change is widely recognised, it is becoming increasingly apparent that there can be no question of any definitive new form towards which we are striving, only a process of continual metamorphosis in response to rapidly-changing conditions. 

As daunting a job description as this is, it has in fact been ours all along. Can we motivate ourselves to meet its challenge now?


The day will begin with coffee and registration at 9:30 am for a 10:00 am start.The conference will include presentations on the theme as well as practical workshops in Eurythmy and Bothmer Gymnastics, relating movements, forms and exercises to the needs of children at particular ages.

There will be opportunities for questions and discussion throughout. Contributors will include Lucia Baumann, Amanda Bell, Michèle Hunter, Brian Jacques and Martyn Rawson.Lunch and refreshments will be provided and are included in the conference fee.

The day will end at about 4:00 pm.


For more information, contact the Conference Co-ordinator:

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