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Waldorf 100 is an initiative of the International Forum for Steiner Waldorf education and it is intended as a global celebration of Waldorf education.

The Waldorf Centennial is in 2019 but there have been a variety of events, all over the world leading up to this. Many schools and kindergartens have already begun this process, by:

  • ... studying the fundamental educational lectures of Rudolf Steiner
  • ... enhancing the dialog on a specific child’s development (the “Child Studies”)
  • ... actualizing the “Bees & Trees” project with the entire school community

Schools will be celebrating the Centennial in 2019 with a global festival on 19 September, beginning on 7 September 2017 with a celebration of the very first Steiner/Waldorf school at Uhlandshöhe in Stuttgart, Germany. The event will commemorate the importance of the last one hundred years for this educational alternative, but even more importantly, plant the seeds of a future-worthy education for the next hundred years.

The intention is for 2019 to be the start of a new era for the Walforf movement, at every Steiner/Waldorf school, every kindergarten, college and seminar – by taking a burning interest in the challenges of our time, by scrutinizing anew the principles of Waldorf education on the basis of modern research, by observing and trying to understand students more perceptively (and not forgetting the adults in the process), and finally, by expanding Walforf horizons and trying to grasp the big picture by fruitful exchanges and connections with others.

Waldorf 100 is also working on a few projects that have been provided to all Steiner/Waldorf students globally – so-called “core projects”, which in contrast to many individual local projects and initiatives are being centrally coordinated. You can inform yourself about the current state of these projects on the Waldorf 100 Website.

Projects include:

Waldorf 100 has produced a video to explain more about the initiative, which you can find by clicking the link here.

If you have any questions about Waldorf 100, call the Alder Bridge School Office on 0118 971 4471 and we can direct your call to the appropriate member of staff.