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Wonderful Wallingford Camp Out - 2017

Here is some good news - amongst everything else going on in the world at the present time.

I'm delighted to report that 14 ten and eleven year olds have just had the most peaceful and enjoyable three days on their class camp by the River Thames. Each child prepared and lead a craft activity, helped with the cooking and washing up, listened to Ancient Greek stories, played by the River, swam in the pool twice a day, went on night walks, observed nature in silence, and stayed away from home with their class and teacher for the first time.

No injuries, no incidents, no arguments, no homesickness... Just enjoying each others company. 
Thank you to my parent helpers, without whom this would not have been possible.

Thank you to my ex-pupils who came to help and lead workshops, and thank you to my 14 little sheep... You are amazing, you are the future our world needs.
Lucia Baumann - Class 4/5 Teacher
Alder Bridge School