St John's is a festival which reflects the inner mood we experience at this time of year, one in which we find ourselves being drawn outside into the natural world, our senses reaching out into the cosmos like the flames of the fire or the sun. We find it harder to settle to tasks which require intellectual effort and are more inclined to activities which allow our minds to drift and dream. This day, coming soon after the turning point of the year, is also a time to leave behind that which is no longer serving us and step into a new way of being, just like our older children who leap over the embers of a fire.

This year we missed our St John's fire and community picnic, and instead offered inspiration to our families sharing the festival at home. Here are some pictures of their celebrations...

St Johns 1

St Johns 3

St Johns 8   St Johns 7

St Johns 4

St Johns 5

St Johns 6

St Johns 2

St Johns 9