Every Autumn we have a wonderful crop of apples adorning our trees, and one of our favourite ways to use them is to make juice. Delicious!

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Every year Michael Hall School hosts the Class 5 Olympic Games. Around 400 children from Steiner-Waldorf schools camp together for three nights, play together and train for the Games. This is the culmination of their study of Ancient Greece, integrated into the movement curriculum. At 11 years old children become physically more able, but don't yet have the heaviness or weight of teenage years - a wonderful time to enjoy athletics and a fitting time to study Ancient Greek Culture. 

On the final day, the parents arrive early in the morning to witness the breathtaking Opening Ceremony. One of the key aspects of the Games is that nothing is measured or timed; without the pressure to compete every child is free to participate to their full potential regardless of ability - and they do. The children extend themselves in events such as the marathon (1 mile), the dash, wrestling, long and high jumps, discus and javelin. At the Closing Ceremony every child is awarded a medal for qualities such as strength, speed, determination, courage and grace - real qualities that can be genuinely recognised. 

One of our parents summarised the day perfectly: "...the shining light in the children's reverence and respect for this world, their bodies, their own spirit and each other; is blindingly beautiful."

Congratulations to our Olympians! 

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We all enjoyed a wonderful craft fayre on Sunday at Alder Bridge with many stalls including knitting, spinning, marbling, origami, bread baking and thatching. It was lovely to see many of the community gathered in celebration of Midsummer. Grand total raised to follow!

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Lucia Baumann (class 2/3 teacher at Alder Bridge) and parent Gena Tolhurst, will be running the South Downs Trial Marathon on Saturday 20 June. They will be raising money for the school and you can support this good cause by donating here: 


Good luck ladies! 




Our very own woodland classroom is now taking shape at Alder Bridge School.

The project started with the dismantling and transportation of a timber classroom from Suffolk in August 2013. Building work commenced in the summer of 2014 by the school’s community.

Once completed the classroom will be used by the whole school and host other calendar festivals and events.

Here are a few photographs of the building work so far.


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