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Steiner-Waldorf Education FAQs


... Researchers found that graduates of Waldorf high schools achieve "an educational plateau well above the average."  3. What is Anthroposophy and is it taught to the children? Anthroposophy is a spiritua ...

Created on 03 January 2017

Upstart - Delaying School Starting Age


... d mines. To make education compulsory at five rather than six or seven, was a decision about numbers, not based on any research into child development. At the earlier age, more children could be protect ...

Created on 12 October 2016

Outdoor Play at Alder Bridge


... health benefits? Research has linked sedentary childhood to mental health problems. There is also evidence to suggest that far from organised sports activities to enable children to experience an endorphin ...

Created on 17 August 2016

Steiner Early Childhood Education - An Inspiring Education

Why Alder Bridge

... the age of 14 the adolescent has a desire to engage in conceptual thinking, searching for the truth in all areas of life. The playful exploration of the Kindergarten years and the meaningful experiences ...

Created on 14 December 2012