Assessor Sarah Hunt was in school last week to observe our Lower School teachers as part of our Performance Management programme. Sarah told us: 

"You have a well cared for school, I was particularly impressed with the care that goes into the classrooms.

It was clear that teachers have a nurturing and attentive attitude to the pupils and are totally dedicated to providing a quality Waldorf/Steiner education.

The children appeared vibrant, healthy and happy with appropriate manners and boundaries.

It was inspiring to see how thorough and comprehensive numeracy and literacy programmes are implemented and integrated with no compromise to the Waldorf curriculum.

There is a real sense of the aesthetic in the children's work and a healthy breathing quality. I was positively impressed with the handwork lessons, both in the children's participation and the variety of projects undertaken.

Both combined classes have dedicated class teachers, assistants and subject teachers who work with skill, enthusiasm and commitment to provide a rich Waldorf curriculum.

My experience of the support staff too was very positive, I was met with professionalism and efficient competency at all times.

A very heartfelt thanks to you for sharing your work so willingly and openly. I felt it was a learning experience on both sides."

Many thanks to Sarah. We are very proud of the wonderful work our teachers do, and it's great to have it recognised officially too.

Sarah Hunt is an Independent Assessor for Steiner-Waldorf Schools in the UK.

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We are very excited to announce that Two Home Cooks are offering a hot lunch and dessert for Lower School children every Tuesday during the first half of next term. 

Two Home Cooks are Gyorgyi and Rina, Kindergarten and Class 1/2 parents with their own catering business providing home-cooked, freshly prepared, healthy meals.

Gyorgyi and Rina write:

Lunch is priced at £3.50 and includes a hot main dish and dessert. All meals are vegetarian. Cutlery and bowls are provided. All food will be prepared in accordance of the school policy.

This is completely independent of the school and as such this is an optional service

To place an order simply complete the form below (by placing a tick by the week you require lunch) and return to us by Friday 15th April. Payment needs to be received by Friday 15th April 2016 by either cash or bank transfer. We will not be able to amend any orders after this date. We will unfortunately not be able to offer refunds for any unused days (for example if your child is off school).

This is currently only available for the Lower School children (Class 1, 2, 3 and 4) and their teachers. If other members of staff or parents would like to order we are happy to provide individual adult portions priced at £4.50.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of us either directly or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Booking Form here

Aldermaston Primary School's Year 5 joined Class 3/4 in our woodland last Thursday, for a day of den-building and games. Some fabulous dens were created, and a few new friendships were made too!

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Steiner-Waldorf Schools across the world celebrate the festival of Martinmas on 11th November. The day itself is named after St Martin of Tours (316-397 AD), a Roman soldier who cut his cloak in two and gave one half to a begger to prevent him dying from the cold. This compassionate gesture is one aspect of our celebrations.

As the light fades and we move deeper into the darkness of Winter our lantern walk is a celebration of the spark that shines brightly within each one of us, lighting the path and brightening our way. 

In the book 'All Year Round' the authors write: "When we make a paper lantern, we, too, may feel that we are giving protection to our own little 'flame' that was beginning to shine at Michaelmas, so that we may carry it safely through the dark world. It may only be a small and fragile light- but every light brings relief to the darkness."

We hope you enjoy our little lights here...

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IMG 3000 1  IMG 3030 1

IMG 3041 1  IMG 3054 1

IMG 3058 1  IMG 3063 1

IMG 3084 3  IMG 3085 1

 Martinmas 2015

Our broody hen, Speckles, has been patiently sitting on fertilised eggs for a little while now, keeping them warm and cosy. 

Speckles    Eggs

Speckles has sat patiently through morning visits from Class 3/4, whose daily job it is to feed and water the hens and keep their coop clean. The children themselves have also been very patient, watching and waiting for the eggs to hatch. Then finally, yesterday, we heard tweeting through a hole in one of the eggs - very exciting for all of us, children and teachers alike! 

Speckles and Eggs     Chick in Egg     New Born Chick

Now Speckles is keeping her three chicks warm and cosy. At first we were allowed only occasional glimpses as, like the good mother hen she is, Speckles is very protective and keeps her babies snuggled up close. The warmth of the Teachers' Room, though, has given them the courage to venture out from under her breast to seek food and drink, and to stretch their little legs. The children love to visit in pairs, and are looking forward to holding the chicks very soon. 

Chick in food bowl    Chicks in food bowl



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